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When we expect life to be fair and it’s just not…

How free will and karma balance the scales

  • Karma is not meant to be a punishment but instead an opportunity to learn (I guess this means we can transform the phrase, karma’s a bitch into karma’s our teacher)
  • We choose to incarnate because Earth is our schoolhouse, everyone we meet and every challenge we face teaches our soul an important lesson (uncovering those lessons becomes our spiritual journey)
  • We can choose to view what’s happening as suffering or as an opportunity (don’t beat yourself up, this is a really hard one for almost everyone)
  • Eventually, if we face our karmic challenges head on, we get to step off the wheel of reincarnation and merge into transcendent Oneness (hell ya!)
  • What’s the greater message for me right now?
  • Who am I being asked to be?
  • What’s my next step to balance the scales?



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