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UpLeveling Your Consciousness

Are you pursuing your spiritual path like a video game?

Gamification is all the rage. Well, to be honest the video game industry has been growing and thriving for decades. Gaming is fun, provides new challenges and yet, can cross over into additive behavior if taken too far.

The same could be said for our spiritual evolution. Our human ego thrives on achievement. Pushing forward, improving, innovating, reaching a goal. This drive often serves us well, until we try to apply it to our spiritual path.

We might learn about other states of existence and believe they’re preferable to this human experience. The promise: if we just settle our karmic debts, we’ll finally reach enlightenment. Embody a certain presence, practice these specific things and you too can up-level into a non-corporal being.

Too easily, we find ourselves playing life like a spiritual video game. Even the wheel of karma assures when we die without resolving our issues, our ‘character’ incarnates to that level again. With the same players, no less.

It can feel like a lot of pressure. We might even create a progress meter to measure where our character is in relation to others.

Ever asked yourself, ‘Did I earn enough karma points today? Am I progressing fast enough?’

Or thought, ‘I’ll give that person a pass because it seems like they haven’t awakened yet?’

Told yourself: ‘Stop getting upset about what’s happening, I’m supposed to be rising above to view this challenge as a learning opportunity.’

Hardships absolutely bring growth to our soul. As do the people we have chosen to walk this life with. However, it’s also true that sometimes things suck and life doesn’t go as planned. We’re pissed off or feel blue or super frustrated. We get sick or injured unexpectedly.

We feel stuck and continue to feel stuck and continue to feel stuck. We turn a blind eye to the Divine messages sent to us, instead trying to work it out on our own. We resist our inner knowing.

What if instead, we stopped playing life like a video game? What if the objective is not to win or up-level or elevate beyond, but instead to relish all of our experiences?

The joyous, the ho-hum and yes, even the valley of the shadow of death.

What if every moment of this life is a sweet gift (or bittersweet gift)? What if you allowed yourself to be human when you need to be human? Transcend to spiritual oneness when you’re able to access it again?

Trust all is exactly as it should be, you need no meter or bonus points to know you’re ok. You are an incredible, perceptive, empathic, loving, fallible, strong and vulnerable being in your own right.

If you often have a knowing that exceeds explanation, can read energy of others, pick up every subtlety and access what is both seen and unseen, I invite you to join my newly formed Facebook Community: Perceptive Souls.

Together, we’re creating a safe and supportive space to share our experiences with others who completely understand how everything in life is talking to us…

Intuitive Business Coach for Empaths, Lightworkers & Mystics | Co-founder of the 1 Million Empaths Global Community

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