I also found myself so burned out as a college junior that I just stopped going to classes. Flunking out turned out to open the door for me to become be a mentor for hundreds of girls and young women. Teaching others how to be strong, smart and bold taught me to be the same. Allowed me to explore who I was and what I believed in. I grew up.

When I returned to college to finish my degree almost a decade later, yes I experienced the shame of rebuilding, yet I approached my education from an entirely different mindset. I wanted to be there, this time it was for me. I still remember the day I went to pick up my diploma and did a little happy dance out in the parking lot.

All the mentoring and teaching I did back then set a foundation for my current work in the world, even inspired me to take a swing at this profession called writing.

Great share, it’s a relief to talk about a ‘forbidden’ subject with others who’ve walked this journey…

Intuitive Business Coach for Empaths, Lightworkers & Mystics | Co-founder of the 1 Million Empaths Global Community https://www.1MillionEmpaths.com

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