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Have you reached spiritual adulthood?

I’ve written before about how we grow up in a rewards and punishment system. Do the ‘right’ thing and reap the benefits. Make the wrong choice and suffer the consequences.

As children we are constantly being trained on this system. Sometimes we learn quickly, sometimes it takes repeated errors to understand the ramifications of our actions.

Spiritual childhood is our innocent awakening to a larger presence.

When we’re blind to what we don’t even know. We rely on those who seem older, wiser or in a position of authority, to direct our spiritual path.

At this stage we often ask why? If the answer seems logical enough, we simply accept it and move on.

Then we hit the teenage years, ah sweet adolescence. This stage is all about affirming our personal identity while also conforming to the expectations of our peers.

Who am I?

I want to be authentically me!

Wait, look at what all the cool kids are studying…

Spiritual adolescence can be a strange dichotomy of participating in what’s spiritually ‘popular’ while peeking over to check out something fresh, different (and maybe even a little blasphemous).

Should I explore this new concept or stay in the safe lane? If I read this teaching, if I truly contemplate it’s viability— will my soul burn in hell? Will I have to keep coming back to erase the karma I’m generating?

When spiritual teens ask clarifying questions, if the answer sounds like rote memorization or ‘because I said so’, it only inspires more questioning. Or we may decide to reject altogether what a guru or mentor is teaching us.

Many continue along in spiritual childhood or spiritual adolescence for a long time, sometimes even their whole life.

No judgment, everyone’s moving at their own pace.

Spiritual adulthood is a dramatic flip of your inner switch.

An immediate realization of your personal power and responsibility as a spiritual being on this planet. A knowing that extends far beyond the intellectual, as you’ve likely been reading about these concepts for years. Everything just now aligned on all levels.

It’s about internalizing a new way of daily living, following your calling to greater service that can no longer be ignored.

A recognition that you chose to come here, at this time, for a specific reason. It’s likely you don’t even fully grasp the purpose; part of spiritual adulthood is embracing the mystery. You no longer ask why, the questions get better:

  • How expansive can my life be?

You actively seek others who’ve also crossed this threshold into spiritual adulthood. The recognition is immediate.

I see you.

I know you.

I am you.

You are me.

When faced with a difficult decision, as a spiritual adult, you no longer only live for rewards and consequences. You connect with your inner knowing and take rightful action, simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Because at a fundamental level, it’s who you’ve always been. The love you carry within for all humankind. It’s the brilliance you shine wherever you go, to all that cross your path.

I believe there’s at least one more stage — spiritual elderhood. Since I haven’t yet traveled to that particular destination, I will not deign to describe this elevated state of being. If it’s meant to grace me with it’s presence, it will.

None of these stages can be forced or pushed along any faster than you’re meant to naturally progress.

A daily spiritual practice opens your ability to receive and grow; but keep in mind self-awareness is built over time, with repeated application.

I invite you to notice, what stage of spiritual life do you most closely identify? Notice with the curiosity of a child, the burgeoning awareness of an adolescent and the awakening wisdom of an adult.

Then do the right thing, just because…

Want to learn more about who you really are? I invite you to explore the 12 Perceptive Archetypes, powerful metaphors to help you probe the depths of your empathic and intuitive gifts.

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