That’s a pretty provocative statement, right?

Well, we definitely know what it looks like when LESS empathetic people run the world.

When most of our societal systems involve taking power OVER. Everyone scrambling to get to the top of some invisible hierarchy, stepping on others as they climb, buying into…

Not just for those at the top, leadership is for everyone

If you asked most people to describe what a leader looks like, you might receive answers like:

  • the CEO of a large corporation
  • a high position in a country’s government
  • 30 to 40-something, white, cisgender male
  • authoritative, controlling and has all the answers
  • lone wolf, disconnected from their team
  • a…

Maybe even years…

Almost ten years ago, I experienced a dramatic re-awakening. It was my second major shift in perception, as a young child, I was very tuned-in to not only the world around me, but also the energetic world beyond the 3-D.

Back then, I decided to leave a long-term relationship…

Throughout my life I’ve experienced abject poverty (literally living in a home with a single mother who had to chop trees in the forest to heat our home, which didn’t have indoor plumbing, only an outhouse) all the way making six figures when I worked in the corporate world.


The path to spiritual transcendence is not about floating along on golden clouds. Sure, there are moments of pure joy, but mostly, it’s an inner alchemical dismantling.

When everything you thought you knew, no longer holds weight. No longer makes sense. No longer has meaning.

You are breaking open from…

Bevin Niemann

Mentor for Spiritual Leaders → Join the Empowered Sensitive Leaders community at

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